All About Peter

Everybody here at ShipTime lives and breathes shipping, but it has been said that our resident shipping guru extraordinaire -- Peter Parcell — might be obsessed with the subject. 

His father was a mailman, and his mother a courier truck driver. From a young age, they both encouraged Peter’s love of all things shipping. As a baby, Peter refused the comforts of his crib. His loving parents could only lull him to sleep by wrapping him in the soft, protective embrace of bubble wrap. While other kids were out playing street hockey, he would lock himself in his room, constructing forts out of old cardboard boxes and shipping peanuts. As a teenager, he would often take girls to the gates of the local courier depot to watch the trucks go by. He didn’t get many second dates.

Upon graduation, Peter immediately took a job in a large warehouse at a mirror company. Enthralled with the finer details of packing, he quickly rose to the top of the organization, known for his unparalleled record of having never had a shipment break in transit.

His talents led him to explore roles at many companies through his twenties, from courier companies to packing tape manufacturers, before finally settling on a career here at ShipTime. We couldn’t be happier to have him around. 

Peter has a passion for helping small businesses save money and time on their shipping. He'll be bringing you tips and tricks on the subject here at the ShipTime learning centre.